KEMBARA PERKASA @ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

21 Mar

We had our first ever overseas trip with teenage boys and girls over the March School Holidays. Conducted from 10- 13 March 2012, It was a hit with 33 participants and it became the most adventurous trip ever!

We departed from Singapore Changi Airport at 7.30am and reach Vietnam at 9.30am (Vietnam time).

All the participants commented that this experience has been beneficial for them as they learnt basic life skills and they even get to go shopping at the famous ever Behn Tan Market which is just opposite our hotel!

To top it off, it was a memorable journey and one that leaves a memory in our hearts.

We thank all of you who have participated in this journey with us and look forward to many others in signing up for this event on the next upcoming camp which will be on June, 2012.

Here are some pictures for you to look at!

At Singapore Changi Airport….

Look at the sky view! PERFECT! Some of our participants had a first time experience boarding a plane, so it was a perfect sight for them to see this. Furthermore, with great company of friends and great mentors from Ain Society, they were enjoying their plane ride. A perfect school Holiday getaway, we must say!

At Ho Chi Minh City, Loading our baggage into the bus storage. Oh My, did I mention, we were super thrilled when we reached Vietnam?

Just look at some of our female participants who took a picture with one of the villagers from Long Ho Village. 

Our mentors from Ain Society taking a picture with the kids in Long Ho Village. How adorable!

When our participants took turns in giving out food ration to the villagers. Food ration includes rice and Oil.

One of the Villagers sorting out food for our lunch. Yum Yummy! The food was delicious! Kampung experience and kampung food can never be forgotten by most of us. Plus many commented that the omelettes there tasted much much nicer than the ones we have in Singapore. 

Look at us. We were all engross in eating the chicken soup, the fish fillet, the sambal fish, the omelette and the Vegetables.

All the participants and facilitators taking a picture outside the mosque at the village.

Cu Chi tunnel experience is the most favourite activity among all the activities organised.

When We are in preparation of checking in Lavender Hotel……

At War Remnants Museum. Just look at how some of our participants imitate the soldier gesture.!  YES SIR!

When the participants were viewing the artefacts and posters in the museum. 

Geez. Look at our WIDE smiles. =D
All of us were really really really happy.

Look at  the Communist team that we have form. It’s hilarious!

Photo taken with Ustaz Azhar and our CEO, Mr Haji Yusof Ismail.

We were served with Local Vietnamese fruits. Pineapple, banana, papaya and many many more….

Look at the participants! They had a thrilling ride on a Sampan at Mekong River!

Participants attentively listening to a presentation being made by fellow group members.

Participants attentively listening to the principal trainer of Kembara Perkasa abour Drug Education.

All in all, all the participants were very satisfied with the whole programme. Being our first overseas programme, we thank everyone who have supported us in our journey and here’s a peek of what a participant think of this camp!

By Zayana Zakariah, 14

To me, Kembara Perkasa is something that you can’t experience anywhere else. It thought me the true meaning of life, It showed me the life outside of our own world and to show us that life is not about what we want. Not to forget, I’m not the shy girl that I used to be. I’m able to speak up and it made me become braver in everything that I do. I’ve benefited a lot of things from Kembara Perkasa. It changed the way of my lifestyle and I’m glad to be in this Kembara Perkasa. 


To those of you who are interested to sign up for your children, do wait for our further updates on late may because we are doing it again on June 2012!

To view more pictures, you can go to and ainsociety.


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